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Featured Debut Release: The Fire Walkers by Shelley Greene

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Today, I want to introduce a fellow Maryland Romance Writer, Shelley Greene. She is celebrating her debut release — THE FIRE WALKERS.  So let’s please give a warm welcome to Shelley.



Welcome Shelley!

Hi Jean!
Thank you so much for having me to visit. My debut novel THE FIRE WALKERS releases July 1st and I’m mega excited to get the word out about it.

On May 4th I had the great pleasure of having Jean as my guest for THE SUMMER LOVE BLOG TOUR. Today I’m going to answer the same hard-hitting author questions and share a little about how THE FIRE WALKERS came to be.

What do you love most about romantic suspense?

I love how intrigue makes your heart race. When add a touch of suspense to a love story it’s exciting and it plays into the plot. For example in THE FIRE WALKERS, my couple, Aidan and Kelly are real people with real problems. When they meet there’s an attraction, but it takes them being around one another for them to fall in love. The external conflict brings them together and illustrates how they react under pressure. It makes for a fun and action-packed story.

What’s is the weirdest research you’ve ever had to do?

With TFW I have an animal protagonist named Keegan, a rescued racehorse, who required a back story and a big black moment. I learned a lot about the horseracing industry and equine diseases. The latter resulted in an embarrassing discussion in a hallway with an author I greatly admire. Needless to say, picking what illness to give a fictional horse is tough. Lol.

Tell us one unique fact about you (something that few people know).

I’m ambidextrous with chopsticks. 🙂

What is your favorite scene in THE FIRE WALKERS and why?

There are about four scenes in the book that get me for different reasons, but since we touched on Keegan, I’ll say Chapter 9. It takes place after Aidan and Kelly’s first fight, so the atmosphere starts off on a serious note. Kelly is sitting at a table with Keegan’s background laid out in papers from the horse’s rescue file. It was an interesting scene to write because Kelly is revealing Keegan’s back story while Aidan is trying to reconnect to her. All three of my walkers are in one room together and bonding over Keegan’s history. Almost all the characters have names with fire meanings, and Keegan’s mother, who’s mentioned in Keegan’s birth records, stays in that theme. Her name is beautiful, if you Google it you’ll see the fire flower she’s named after. I’m proud of how real the scene reads, and how moved I get over Keegan from learning his past. The interaction also shows how Aidan and Keegan are both alpha males’ just different species.

Those boys are double trouble when they get together…



Blurb from THE FIRE WALKERS, Shelley N. Greene:

Kelly Monroe is an idealistic good girl thrown into a bad situation. A graduate student chasing her dreams of a PhD, one party invitation lands in her a jail cell with only vague memories of the night before, images of a tragic bonfire haunting her. Sentenced to perform community service at a horse rescue, Kelly’s life goes from bad to worse, all under the watch of an attractive, blue-eyed detective. Driven to stick out the hard times, Kelly develops a bond with Keegan, an abandoned racehorse horse with a past.

Ex-NARC turned arson detective, Aidan Wright is tracking the drug dealers who killed his partner. Kelly’s memories of the bonfire prove to be the missing piece to Aidan’s investigation of several drug-related teen deaths, perpetrated by the band of drug dealers who scarred him years ago. When Kelly becomes the unsuspecting victim of the drug group’s trafficking, Aidan is forced to stay close to her to catch them.

As Aidan uncovers the truth, Kelly develops feelings for the fearless, blue-eyed cop, and the battered arson detective falls hard for the sanguine girl with the contagious laugh.




Born to a military family, Shelley spent her early years living abroad. Having been exposed to different cultures early in life she developed a respect and admiration for tradition, philosophy as well as a big imagination. When her family returned to the states they settled in southern Maryland, where she was raised in the suburbs of Washington D.C.  From early on she loved to create plots in her mind, following characters on their adventures and seeking out the meaning of life in the stories that unfolded in her head.

She acquired a bachelor’s degree in English from the University of Baltimore with a specialization in technology and discourse, gaining a deep appreciation of the writing process through her studies.  From classic literature to contemporary romance novels, she identifies with the joy of getting lost in a good story.

Shelley is a member of the Romance Writers of America as well as her RWA state chapter of the Maryland Romance Writers.

 Author Links:

Website | Blog | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads (Coming July 1st!)

 Jean, thank you again for hosting me today!

 Please check out THE FIRE WALKERS, available at the following retailers:

Amazon Nook – iBook – Kobo


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Cover Reveal: EXTREME MEASURES by Rachel Carrington + Giveaway

ExtremeMeasures 1400x2100

Four years ago Erin’s life changed drastically. Her drug-addicted brother killed her parents, and her marriage disintegrated. Her husband, Matt,  agent, had done his duty when he’d arrested Stuart, but she’d been too caught up in her own grief to allow him to help her move through the shadows of pain.

Now Matt is back, but it isn’t to attempt reconciliation. Her brother has escaped from Attica, and Erin is his next target. Matt will stop Stuart by any means necessary. But Stuart is a desperate man, and desperate men will do anything to get what they want.

Thrown together by treacherous circumstances, Matt and Erin fight a battle to stay alive and possibly figure out how to put the pieces of their destroyed lives back together again.


I started writing years ago, and my first attempt was a contemporary romance that will never see the light of day. I think I may even have thrown it away by now. It was absolutely horrific as I knew nothing about well…anything to do with writing.

After that, I started writing fantasy romances about wizards and wizards, and once those took off, I segued to paranormal romances (hello, vampires and ghosts) and romantic suspense. I also write articles for various magazines, including The Writer’s Journal, Writer’s Magazine, Writer’s Weekly, Writing for Dollars, Absolute Write, and Funds for Writers.

I’m fortunate to make my home in historical Charleston, South Carolina. Beautiful city. Beautiful people. When I’m not writing, I love to read paranormal romance, romantic suspense, young adult fantasy and paranormal, create videos, shop, cross-stitch, cook, and drink lots of coffee.

Watch for it January 2013

You can find more about Rachel Carrington here: www.dawnrachel.com.

She also offers help to aspiring writers at her blog: www.dawnrachel.com/blog.


Don’t miss out on Rachel’s giveaway



Today, I’m giving away a copy of my newest book, Waking Up Immortal. All you have to do is answer this question from the Chapter Excerpt.

What was the name of the agent who was listening in on Chloe and Kier’s conversation?

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