$0.99 Sale ~ Soul Reborn


Soul Reborn ~ start the journey to the Underworld today!

For a limited time Soul Reborn, book 1 in the Key to the cursed series is on sale. Get your copy today in all eBook Reader formats.

Try a bite of Soul Reborn for $0.99 for a limited time.

“Do you have to look at me that way?”
“What look would that be, Lilly?”
“The one that looks like you are going to take a bite out of me.”
Asar blinked, his eyes darkened. He leaned in closer so that his lips almost touched hers. “You mean this one?”
Lilly’s heart clashed against her chest. “Yes.”
“And what if I wanted to take a little nibble?”



The Romantic Times Review ~ 4-stars,
“Murray’s debut effort is an ambitious undertaking that reworks a tale of zombies run amok. By placing Egyptian gods in a contemporary American setting, the author creates a background that becomes as important as her characters. The Carrigan sisters are worthy heroines and the promise of continuing tales is welcome.”

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