Author Open MIC: Welcomes Rachel Carrington + Spotlight Giveaway

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Welcome readers!

It was over a year ago that Wicked Romance launched Author Open MIC and it has grown into a huge success. I wanted to take a moment and thank all that have participated over the year’s timeframe. It is a great venue to introduce debut and experienced authors alike. The overwhelming support of readers has made this one of the most enjoyable posts.

Today, I want to introduce Author Rachel Carrington. She has an amazing list of books to her name that spans multiple genres. Not only do we have a great interview, but Rachel has shared an excerpt from her most recent release, Waking Up Immortal, and she is giving a copy away to one lucky winner. Contest ends Sunday (Dec 16) night.

Let’s find out more about Rachel….



I started writing years ago, and my first attempt was a contemporary romance that will never see the light of day. I think I may even have thrown it away by now. It was absolutely horrific as I knew nothing about well…anything to do with writing.

After that, I started writing fantasy romances about wizards and wizards, and once those took off, I segued to paranormal romances (hello, vampires and ghosts) and romantic suspense. I also write articles for various magazines, including The Writer’s Journal, Writer’s Magazine, Writer’s Weekly, Writing for Dollars, Absolute Write, and Funds for Writers.

I’m fortunate to make my home in historical Charleston, South Carolina. Beautiful city. Beautiful people. When I’m not writing, I love to read paranormal romance, romantic suspense, young adult fantasy and paranormal, create videos, shop, cross-stitch, cook, and drink lots of coffee.

You can find more about me at my website: I also offer help to aspiring writers at my blog: And, I have a bi-monthly newsletter where I offer giveaways. Readers can sign up at the front page of my website on the right hand side.


How did you get into writing?  Was it something you were born with or did you discover your hidden talent?

It was definitely a discovery. The first thing I wrote was a poem, and that was when I was sixteen. I didn’t try writing fiction until I was eighteen.

Tell us a little about the genre/s you write.  What attracted you to write about them?

I’ve written a variety of genres including contemporary romance, romantic suspense, fantasy romance, paranormal romance, and most recently, a science fiction/paranormal romance blend.

I love to challenge myself, but I really just go where my imagination takes me. I usually get the idea for the book, and the idea tells me the genre.

What is the single, most important element in your writing or life as an author?

It’s very difficult to choose one because without one aspect, I probably wouldn’t have the others. If I had to really choose, I would pick determination. I’ve written through some difficult times. Not because I had to but because I wanted to. Writing is an outlet for me much like singing, running, or painting is for others.

What is the most difficult hurdle you have encountered (personal or professional)? What advice would you give other authors who face the same challenges?

As I mentioned above, I’ve written through some difficult times, most of which have been health challenges. Sometimes, I wrote when I was in so much pain I could barely focus on the laptop screen, but I wrote because it helped me not to wallow in the pain. And if I wrote long enough, it would distract me from the pain. I could get wrapped up in the characters and for a little while, I could pretend I lived a different life. But there were other days when I couldn’t write even if I wanted to, and I had to learn how to be okay with that.

I know plenty of authors who do face health challenges, and the only advice I can give is to listen to your body. Don’t beat yourself up if you can’t sit at the keyboard that day. The words will return when your body is ready.

You have built up quite an array of books.  If you can pick 2-3 favorites and tell us a little bit about each and why they stand out in your mind.

My favorites have to be the newest one I just completed: Waking Up Immortal. I wanted to create a different kind of immortal rather than a vampire, and I knew I had to give her a hero who could stand up to her. I really enjoyed writing Kier and Chloe’s story, especially the many times they clashed.

Click to request AUTHORGRAPH HERE!

Click to request AUTHORGRAPH HERE!

I also loved all of the books I wrote in the Spirit series, especially the prequel which I’m still working on. It’s called Souls Divided and gives readers a look into some of the backstory of the Council and how they chose Angels of Death. I really enjoyed writing about the spirit world and what happens when spirits don’t want to cross over. It was a question I’d asked myself before.

What do you are you cooking up next?  What can readers expect?

Right now, I’m working on the sequel to Waking Up Immortal, finishing up the prequel to the Spirit series, Souls Divided, and a spin-off of A Vampire Betrayed (from the Vampires Destined series) called A Vampire’s Fury. I usually post the release dates on my website so readers can find out when to expect my latest release:

Where can readers find you and your books?

Readers can find me at my website:, on Facebook at rachelcarringtonwrites, on Twitter@rcarrington2004, on Pinterest @rcarrington2004, on Wattpad at rcarrington2004, on Goodreads at Rachel Carrington, and so many other places. It’s really easiest just to Google my name.

Most, if not all, of my books can be purchased at, , and to name a few.

Open MIC FAV 5

  1. Favorite hero or heroine: It will always be Jaxon from Indigo Spell
  2. Favorite author: Christine Feehan
  3. Favorite music to write by: Alternative rock,  usually, like Nickelback or Snow Patrol
  4. Favorite inspiration: I don’t know if this is my most favorite as much as it was most memorable. My book, Now You See Me (releasing soon from EllorasCave) is partially based on a killer I met when he was dating a good friend of mine. We didn’t know at the time he was a killer. Not long after I met him, he murdered my friend, and is now serving his sentence right here in my home town.
  5. Most memorable writing moment: There are far too many for me to pick one. I’ve written overlooking beaches and mountains, drafted ideas while inside the RoyalPalace at Madrid, mapped out an entire story while cruising toward Cancun, and wrote one of my best kiss scenes ever after a good-night kiss I still think about. Now you know why there are too many!

WakingUpImmortal 500x750

Chapter Excerpt

“Relax,” he whispered in my ear. “I’m taking you to a secure room where you can meet you father.”

“I’d like to talk to him alone.” I knew the suggestion would be shot down, but I had to try.

Kier’s feet skidded to a stop, and the expression on his face said far more than his next words ever could. “No. He’s too dangerous.” He obviously thought I was slightly off my rocker for even broaching the subject.

“What can he do to me here? You’ve given me the neuron blocker, and I’m assuming he’ll be chained.”

“That makes no difference. You’re not seeing him alone.” The huskiness of his voice had deepened, bringing his tone to a low growl.

“Kier, please.” I wasn’t above using my feminine wiles. I linked our hands, and the militant guy with a crew cut coughed. “I need to do this alone. It’s important.”

“Damnit, Chloe.” He shook his head then glared at the guard who took instant interest in the stone wall behind him. “You don’t know what you’re asking,” he lowered his voice, wrapping me in a cocoon of intimacy in spite of our clinical surroundings.

I squeezed his fingers, gave him the full force of my gaze that I hoped revealed some essence of vulnerability. “You can stand guard. Spy on us. Do whatever you need to do, but I have to talk to him by myself. The conversation has to be just the two of us.”

Kier’s eyebrows threatened to meet in the middle. “Why?”

I took his free hand and pressed it over my heart. “It’s just something I feel in here.”

His Adam’s apple bobbed with a hard swallow, and he finally nodded. “Fine, but I’ll be watching.”

With complete disregard for our onlooker, I stood on tiptoe and kissed him. “Thank you.” I surprised myself with my boldness, and, from the look on Kier’s face when I stepped back, him even more.

He cleared his throat and glanced over his shoulder. “Is there something else you need, Agent Winnaker?”

The agent shook his head and clicked his heels together as if preparing to salute. “No, sir.” He turned and marched away.

“What exactly is he an agent of?” My curiosity had me peering around Kier to get a better look at the figure disappearing down the hallway.

“Universal Security.”

The name sounded so formidable. And unbelievable. “Universal Security. As in…?”

“Just what you think it is.” Still holding my hand, Kier led me into a quiet room with dim lighting and glass walls.

Yeah right. There were a lot of things I would believe but an out of this world experience was more than even I would accept. “And I thought being immortal was the weirdest thing I’d ever heard.”

“There are many different types of life forces in the Universe. There has to be a way to maintain order.” Not even a trace of deception in his voice.

“You weren’t joking? I thought you were joking.” Holding a hand against my stomach, I sought the first chair before my shaky legs buckled. What had happened to my staid life in Kansas?

Days ago I was a typical single woman working at a job I didn’t particularly love for a decent amount of money I did care about. I had friends, a relatively full social life, and family. Now all of that had disappeared with my ancestral search.

“Chloe?” Kier’s hand braced the chair on either side of my thighs. “Are you all right?”

If feeling all right entailed a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach and gray spots in front of my eyes, I was peachy. “Are you telling me there are other mutants and that you’re some type of alien police officer?” The very idea had hysterical laughter bubbling to the surface.

Kier stroked his fingertips down my cheek, his expression inscrutable. “Don’t you have enough to think about without trying to figure out the rest of the world, too?”


Today, I’m giving away a copy of my newest book, Waking Up Immortal. All you have to do is answer this question from the Chapter Excerpt.

What was the name of the agent who was listening in on Chloe and Kier’s conversation?

To ENTER CLICK HERE:  a Rafflecopter giveaway

**If you have any trouble submitting your answers via the Rafflecopter, please email your answer to:

murray (dot)


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