I was nominated for the Sunshine Award!!

I am so honored that Amy Lyre Turner nominated me for The Sunshine Award.

The Sunshine Award is awarded to bloggers whose positivity and creativity inspires others in the blogosphere.  How cool is that?  Amy was nominated and then spread the love.  She has a fabulous collection of poetry, Pieces of the Soul.  If you know anything about me and my Key to the Cursed series, you know I love “souls.”

So, the rules for accepting this award are as follows:

 Link back to the person who gave me the award.
  • Answer the following questions.
  • Nominate ten bloggers for the award.
  • Link my nominees to the post and let them know about the award.
Now, for the questions!
What is your favorite Christmas/festive movie?
Ha!  Hands down is A Christmas Story.  Yes, the Red Rider BB Gun with compass in the stock.  Have you seen Ralphie lately?  Who knew he would grow up to be a hunk!
           Before                                         After
What is your favorite flower?
Roses are my absolute favorite.  The ones that are that deep blood-red color.  My hubbie gets me roses every year on Valentine’s Day.  I fall in love with him all over again!
What is your favorite non-alcoholic beverage?
C. O. F. F. E. E.
What is your passion?
I’d be crazy not to say writing.  Writing and plotting is my escape from the craziness of every day life.  It was actually only 4 years ago that I found an outlet for the stories that had been bouncing around in my head.  There is just something so satisfying about see a plot come together at the end and to read those first reviews!  Amazing!  Best high around 😉
What is your favorite time of year?
I’m very much into fall.  I’m such a Northeast gal.  I love that time of the year when the temperature changes and you get to pull out those sweaters that have been stored for the summer.  The smell and most importantly, the color of the leaves.  Reds, golds, and browns.  Can’t be beat.  Plus, the summer heat and humidity come to an end! Yay!
What is your favorite time of day?
I’m with Amy and Jennifer– so not a morning person.  I love the time in between twilight and night.  The world takes on a different color.  Maybe that’s why I’m a paranormal junkie 🙂
What is your favorite physical activity?
**snicker**  I always loved to run, but now that my joints and back are pretty beat up– I like to lap swim.  There is something so peaceful about gliding through the water.  Second to that, I’d love to scuba dive.  Sadly, it has been awhile.
What is your favorite vacation?
Ever see that Corona commercial with the couple sitting in lawn chairs on the beach, the water lapping at their feet?  Well, that would be my dream vacation, but instead of beer, I’d take a Margarita, please.  (Regular, on the rocks with salt— YUM!)
My NOMINATIONS for the Sunshine Award are… Drum roll please!

1. Tink’s Place by Dottie

2. The Bakin Goddess by Kimberly

3. Dreaming in Ink by Julia D. Revezzo

4.  The Bucket List Publications by Lesley Carter

5. Evolution Thursdays by Wendy Russo

6.  Sam, Elena and Rhonda’s Awesomness 

7.  Castle & Guns by Kinley Baker

8.  Bitten by Paranormal Romance

9.  Lore Lush Book Reviews

10.  Defy the Dark by Ciara Knight

Spread the LOVE 🙂


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  1. I agree with the Corona commercial, it looks so relaxing. I love your replies,.

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