Buy a book ~ donations save kittens’ lives

A league of fabulous authors have written a collection of twenty-one cat-themed stories of dark mischief compiled by Patty G. Henderson (Author of the Brenda Strange mysteries). All proceeds raised from the sales from Dark Things II: Cat Crimes will go to no-kill cat shelters.  Buy a copy today!  Not only do you receive a great collection of stories, but you can change the lives of unwanted and lost felines.

For more information on The Cat House on the Kings

Check out the authors of Dark Things II

Book Description on Amazon:  A collection of tales featuring feline mayhem, murder and dastardly deeds. Vampire cats. Scoundrel cats. Daring cats. Killer cats. Cats you don’t want in your worst nightmares and cats you might want on your side against evil. Authors include Mary V. Welk, Patty G. Henderson, Patricia Harrington, Jim Silvestri, Ken Goldman, Shanna Germain, Anna Sykora and dozens more. Intro by Robert W. Walker. All proceeds from sales go to several cat sanctuaries across the USA. Enjoy over twenty-one cat tails and support a cat charity!
More author information…. 

Patty G. Henderson,
J. D. Revezzo

Mary V. Welks,
Jim Silvestri,



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3 responses to “Buy a book ~ donations save kittens’ lives

  1. Great idea!! Our neighbor get run over by stray cats every Spring and we don’t have a shelter like this one. Wish we did, the coyotes hunt the outskirts. Excellent cause, I’ll be looking into it! Thanks Jean!

    Dottie 🙂

  2. Glad to see that people still cares! 🙂

  3. Thank you both for your kind comments. Dottie, I hope someone in your city thinks to open a place like this some day. It’s a great idea!

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