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I want to thank Sam, Elena and Rhonda for hosting this fabulous blog hop.  I love Small Press for many reasons.  First, the stories they produce are truly hidden treasures.  They are the bread and butter of debut and experienced authors, alike.  Stories that would be classified as “not mainstream” enough have an opportunity to shine.  I am so grateful to my small press, Crescent Moon Press.  My editor for Soul Reborn, Heather Howland (now with another small press, Entangled Publishing) mentored me through my first publishing experience.  She cared about the stories and treated the authors with respect.  Small Press companies employ extremely talented artists, no matter what the genre.

So, what am I giving away?? 

An e-copy of Soul Reborn, Wicked Romance Organic Tote with Signed Cover Flats, Egyptian Tarot Cards

To Enter:  Answer one of these questions in a comment below…. 

What do you like best about Small Press Publishers?

What is your favorite Small Press Author or Story Hero or Heroine?? 

My Favorite Small Press Authors:

My Favorite Small Press Covers:


My favorite Cast of Key to the Cursed Series Heroes:

Asar, God of the Underworld, Dead and Afterlife.  He is most well-known for judging souls at the gates of the afterlife.  Do not cross him or he may just feed your soul to the beast.  Pass the test and receive everlasting life.

Bakari, son of Asar, and Protector of the Gates.  Holder of the key to the Underworld. You will recognize him by the scorpion carved tattoo on his back and arms.  Those daggers on his chest aren’t just for show.  One pierce to the heart will kill any god.

Bomani, Commander of the Underworld Legion.  You can’t miss him.  He wears his rank on his skin in the form of scarification tattoos that cover his entire body and the brand of the legion shield on his chest.  Don’t let his charismatic smile and jovial personality fool you.  Only the strongest and fiercest alpha warrior rises to the top.

Kamen, brother to Asar, and Soul Eater.  The largest of all the Underworld gods and the most dangerous.  Stay clear of this big fellow.  His stoicism is just a façade to the beast within.  But he has it under control, most of the time.

The Gods of the Underworld have graciously agreed to help me promote my book, Soul Reborn.

For more great small press supporters, see below and continue on the blog hop!!

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20 responses to “Ones to Watch ~ Small Press Treasures Blog Hop

  1. Great post!

    Hey! Where was this giveaway when I read your series? LOL!! I Love your novel and can’t wait for many more!
    Thanks for joining our hop!


    • Hi Elena.

      Oh, you should see the totes. I’ll have to take a picture. Skulls and dragonflies. The tarot cards are a huge hit. They have the various Egyptian gods on the front. It’s my last set.
      Love them!!

  2. ladymagnolia99

    Great giveaway-thanks!! Small press publishers help bring authors and thier books to us readers that we might not be able to read and learn of otherwise.

    • Hi Lady Magnolia.
      I so agree with you. I was told many times that New York had no room Egyptian themed romance that wasn’t historical. I beg to differ, Crescent Moon Press gave me the chance to tell a very unique story in present day. It’s a mix of paranormal and urban fantasy. I’ve found some really great reads in small press, some that have amazing reviews and awards to boot. Thanks for stopping by.


  3. Sophia Rose

    I like the freedom and creativity the small press authors seem to have that doesn’t have the cookie cutter need to ‘please a larger audience’ that bigger publishers insist upon.
    I enjoy Michele Franklin’s Haanta series with the four giant brother heroes.

    Thanks for participating in the hop and for the giveaway opportunity.

  4. Nikki

    I love small press authors. They bring fresh ideas to the plate and arent afraid of writing from the heart. They aren’t pressed to write the next big seller and don’t cave under fan pressure or to make a sales quota. They are still real!! I love way too many authors to name, but Rachel is in that list!! LOL!! Great giveaway and I bet those tarot cards rock!!

  5. Denise Z

    What I have found as a reader is that a lot of the indie and small press books will be priced more affordable for me. I am a voracious reader and no longer able to pickup from our library and being able to read ebooks has been a wonderful thing, being able to afford them is wonderful! Thank you for your awesome participation in this fun hop. My fingers are crossed, I want to win this lovely prize 🙂

  6. Susan W.

    What I like best about small press publishers is that they give new authors a chance. Small press authors have some unique and creative story lines. Big name publishers want all stories to fit in a cookie cutter theme so all the books end up reading the same. And like Denise said, they are more affordable. That means I can buy more books! Thanks for the giveaway!

  7. I love small press publishers. I wouldn’t have gotten into the shifters genre had it not been for the small publishers. I think small press authors are able to control their work as opposed to having a large company take control. I like the wonderful stories I have read. One of my favorite authors is Leia Shaw. I have really enjoyed her books. I will be strating Trinity Bound shortly.
    bournmelissa AT hotmail DOT com

  8. Love your book covers! Thanks so much for including INHALE. I’m totally flattered. Wow.

    I didn’t realize Heather was your editor on Soul Reborn. I hired her to edit INHALE. She’s pure awesome. 🙂

  9. Many of my favorite authors are small press. As a review blogger I have the opportunity to not only read their books, but chat with them during the process of reading their book, getting the promo post put together and the author interviews are always fun.
    Thanks for this great giveaway.

  10. Tracey D

    Since 90% of the authors I read are published through small presses, I really don’t have a favorite. Thanks to small presses, I have discovered over 100 authors since I’ve discovered book blogs in 2009.

    Tracey D
    booklover0226 at gmail dot com

  11. Vanessa N.

    I really like the curse of gremdon. Thanks for the chance.

  12. bookattict

    My fave is JM Tohline. The Great Lenore is one of the best books I’ve read — absolutely beautiful!

    elizabeth @ bookattict . com

  13. Helen

    I love small press publishers because they do not seem as pressured as others. They can be themselves and have fun writing. I enjoy the fresh and true stories they give me.
    helldog3 at

  14. Barbara

    I love small press because along with everything everyone else above has said they are not afraid to give away their books and offer kind words to their fans. I have won many books in their giveaways and as a result have become a fan of many new authors and series I would never of known otherwise!

  15. Shadow

    Thank you for sharing and for the giveaway! What i love about small press authors is how awesome they are. The attitudes, there character in general, there so sweet and giving. I love that i can afford there books. There books are always unique and different (in a good way!).

  16. bn100

    I like the stories. I like Rachel Firasek’s books. Thanks for the giveaway.


  17. The blog is now closed for entries for giveaway, but please don’t hesitate to comment.

    Thanks to all who stopped by and commented. I hope to have the winner post soon.


  18. The winner of the block hop was chosen at random (

    Congratulations to Vanessa Romano. She has won the e-copy of Soul Reborn, Wicked Romance organic tote, signed cover flats and a set of Egyptian Tarot cards 🙂

    Thank you to everyone who commented and your continued support of Small Press Authors!!

    Happy Reading!

    Your host,


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