WINNER of AAD Mythos Ball Egyptian Treasure Chest

Tropical storm has knocked out our power and beat the hell out of our house with wind and rain. Thank god for smart phones.  I’m typing furiously on my little key pad as I wanted to share the winner’s name of the round 2 giveaway of my AAD Mythos prize, which includes – Kindle, ebook copy of my novel, Soul Reborn, $10 amazon kindle gift card, egyptian talisman, and How to make a mummy t-shirt.

And the winner is –  Susan Romito. Susan, please contact me by email jean(dot)murray(at) with you address to claim your prize. 

Thank you to everyone that left comments.  This was so much fun.  Can’t wait for NOLA.  Just no hurricaines please.

Jean murray



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8 responses to “WINNER of AAD Mythos Ball Egyptian Treasure Chest

  1. host

    Just realize my home email will not work. Plese email me at

    Thanks everyone.


  2. Congrats to Susan and thanks for following up with the giveaway!

  3. Kel

    Congrats Susan!

  4. Michelle

    Congrats Susan

  5. Susan Romito

    OMG!!! I am SO excited to have won!!! Thank you SOOOO much!!

    I sent you an email, but so far it’s telling me it can’t be delivered. Should i just post my address here, or is there another email I can use?

    My email is susanmik AT gmail DOT com

    Thanks again!!

  6. Susan Romito

    Oops! Just scrolled up and saw the correct email address. Sent you my address

    Thanks everyone!! I am REALLY excited to have won!! 😀

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