Authors After Dark: Post Conference Bliss & Missing Winner

In celebration of the wonderful AAD conference and my Mythos Ball Prize that just couldn’t find its winner, I wanted to give all 2011 AAD participants another chance to win my Egyptian Treasure Chest. 

Luckily, I had another key, broke in to the chest and emptied its contents.  One lucky commentor will receive KINDLE, $10 gift Amazon Kindle Gift Card, Copy of SOUL REBORN, Egyptian talisman, Wicked Romance Tote and How to Make a Mummy T-shirt (from Chicago Field Museum).

Eligibility for the contest will be as follows:

1.  Must have attended 2011 AAD conference (name of winner will be verified against AAD roster)

2.  Share your most memoriable moment (positive comments only) or what you liked best about the conference (if you have more than one, please share)  If you have a picture that captures your memorable moment, send them to me and I’ll post to the blog. 

3.  Tell us why you would like to attend 2012 AAD conference

4.  Must post comment by midnight, Friday August 26, 2011  (winner will be announced within 48 hours)

Winner will be selected randomly ( and announced on Wicked Romance within 48 hrs.  Winner must respond within 72 hours of announcement by email to jean(dot)murray(at) to claim prize or alternate winner will be selected (don’t want another Mythos Ball repeat- LOL!)

Now to share:

My most memorable moment:  My very first Book Signing 🙂  Thank you, Lady D and Ruth! 

What I liked best:  Meeting so many great people.  I’m a nurse and by nature we are very friendly but I have to admit readers, writers, bloggers and authors are hands down the most welcoming group of people.  I was told that this only happens among the romance community.  If that is the case, I picked a great group of people to be with. 

Why I’d like to attend 2012 AAD:  Because it’s Kick Ass and in New Orleans!  Enough said 🙂

Lastly, I want to give a shout out of THANKS to Stella Price and her cohort of assistants that made this conference fantastic for 300 attendees.  Congratulations on a job well done!! 

AAD 2012 Conference Information:

Because readers rule romance. Click on picture to visit AAD Blog

For more information about 2012 Authors After Dark conference, please click on the following links ~  AAD Forum   &    AAD Blog

AAD Virgins ~ I highly recommend this conference.  It is geared towards you, the reader, will have over 80 authors in attendance and more free stuff that you can pack into your suitcase.         



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31 responses to “Authors After Dark: Post Conference Bliss & Missing Winner

  1. My most memorable moment at AAD Philly? Boy, that’s a tough one. Meeting so many fab new people, all the great panels I was on, getting to talk to bloggers and readers…there’s too much!

    As for why I want to attend AAD NOLA? Again, so many reasons! To see old friends, make new ones and yes, eat beignets. LOL

  2. My most memorable moment was laughing during the panel Spontaneously Paranormal, NO… meeting Lara Adrian, Um NO… the blogger party. Crap, I loved all of it. And I loved meeting you!!! Thank you for the second chance!! I cannot wait to meet again in 2012!

  3. Most memorable moments:

    – Any panel containing Stephanie “Flash” Burke. I swear, my sides are still hurting from laughing!

    – “A Count Named Slick-Brass” and his insanely funny and *talented* crew! I must admit they scared the crap outta me at first, but in truth they are all the kindest people you’ll ever want to meet.

  4. Oh, and about attending at NOLA…because the AAD con is fab and NOLA is the one place I’m dying to see again!

  5. My most memorable moment: hmm, that’s a tough one. I had a major fangirl moment when I met Lara Adrian – she’s gracious and kind and I LOVE the Midnight Breed books!
    What I liked best: It was simply WONDERFUL to meet many of the people I’ve only “known” online (some for years!) And Sylvia, Karin, Susan and I had an authentic Philly Cheese steak Thursday night that was incredible!! I also discovered a new-to-me author by the name of Jean Murray *wink wink* and read her book, Soul Reborn – loved it!
    Why I’d like to attend AAD 2012: well, because hanging out with all the wonderful authors, bloggers, and readers was simply fantastic! And it’s in New Orleans. ;0)
    I have some wonderful pics, I’m sure, but I used a disposable camera and I haven’t had them developed yet :0(
    Thanks, Jean – it was great to meet you, I love your book, and I can’t wait for the next one! xoxo

  6. I was there as Jennifer Armintrout/Abigail Barnette. My favorite moment of AAD Philly 2012? There were so many. I think it might have been explaining threesomes to the guy in charge of the pool at the hotel.

    And I’m attending 2012 because I’ve been with this freakshow since the very beginning! I love all my AAD friends, new and old, and I would whither up like one of those stunted peanuts in the crumpled shell if I didn’t get to see them all again!

  7. Froggy (Ann Howland

    I’m not looking to enter as I already own a reader (Nook), but I do want to comment on the con. AAD 2011 was, in spite of a few hotel-caused hiccups, a fantastic 3 days of fun, laughter and love of books, by reader and author alike. What is best about this conference is that it truly is about the reader, with enough events and panels happening at the same time that you need to choose what you are MOST interested in doing at a particular time. I treasure the new friends I have made through the AAD cons, and can’t wait to see them again. New Orleans, here we come!

  8. My most memorable moment: attending the “You Don’t Know Dick” panel

    What I liked best: seeing all the creative costumes for the two masquerades. Maybe next year I’ll dress up too!

    Why I’d like to attend AAD 2012: the chance to meet even more authors and readers and to party in New Orleans!

  9. Kel

    I can only pick one most memorable moment?

    Best most memorable moment: Posing for pictures before the Steampunk ball and then dashing around taking photos of everyone else. The balls are always memorable for me, but this one was superb because of the variety of costumes. I’m still a little worried about the videos of the dancefloor, though. 🙂

    Why I’m attending AADNOLA: I love the whole atmosphere, and I image that the costumes in New Orleans will be truly spectacular. Already put in for the vacation time at work.

  10. My Most Memorable Moment: Karaoke night. I was the girl who got to bump n’ grind with the cute MBA student. Awww, yeah. (My poor husband must be sick of that story by now)
    What I Liked Best: I got to meet so many wonderful people, bloggers, readers and fellow authors alike! It was wonderful to spend an entire weekend putting faces to names, even if I’m terrible with actually, you know, REMEMBERING those names.
    Why I’d Like to Attend AAD2012: New Orleans, bay-bee! Also, I think it’s going to be a great time, and I’m super sad that I’ll probably be missing it. Have fun, you guys!

  11. I attended AAD 2011.

    Memorable moment? That’s tough. I met awesome people, each being a memorable moment. However, the Mythos Ball and Steampunk Ball were the best. Everyone looked so great. I also met in-person my critique partner, a.c. Mason, whom I’ve worked with for years, but have never met in person.

    Why go to AAD 2012 in New Orleans? First of all, Authors After Dark is amazing. Put that together with my favorite city for fun and the mysterious and you will have the most splendid event on the planet. Woo hoo.

  12. Oh, gee… All the things I did during AAD…. People I saw, or met for the first time. All the readers and authors I got to hang out with. I can’t even think of what I liked the best, it was a constant running in motion of fun.

    Why NOLA in ’12? Easy, because I want to do it all AGAIN!!

  13. Howdy Jean! I attended as Sidney Ayers/Arianna Skye. My most memorable moment was trying on my very first corset and wearing said corset to the Steam Ball. I was the crazy umbrella lady 🙂

    I am looking forward to attending NOLA in 2012. I’ve decided it is way more affordable than some of the other cons, and I felt more connected to the readers than other cons I’ve attended in the past.

  14. 1 . I attended but for some strange reason my name wasn’t on the check in list. I have my Paypal receipt to prove I paid. I am the poor, sad attendee whose husband got hit in the eye/face with a softball (have I milked that enough yet?) .My name tag was Jen B. but my registration wtih Jennifer Beyer.

    2. There are so many great moments. First, I don’t know her real name but I met one of the staffers whose name tag said Hel. She was great to me the whole time. It seemed to me she was just fabulous with everyone. Then, I got to meet so many awesome people. The authors, fans, just everyone. Of course, the book signing. Amazing! One of my favorite moments was at the Steampunk Ball dinner. Hel sent Robert Roman my way. Dinner was wonderful. Robert and I had a wonderful conversation.

    3. Here I go milking my husband’s injury again. I really want to attend 2012 because I didn’t get to attend any breakout sessions this year. Yep, missed them all! In part because I couldn’t find them because the hotel was so weird and in part becuase I was running my husband around to doctors and hospitals. And, I really want to visit NOLA. And, the hotel is really cool. AND, have you seen the info Stella has posted on the AAD site?! Holy Cow! I have to stop now because I am getting excited thinking about it.

    Thanks for giving away the giveaway a second time. That’s really awesome. My fingers are crossed. I would love to win this Kindle. Then my family will stop “borrowing” mine. Geez! You know it’s bad when you have to charge it every day (and that’s with the wireless turned off).

  15. Gosh favorite moment. I would have to say Melissa Schroeder and Kris Cook’s open bar before the Mythos Ball. I’m not a drinker, but everyone was there and it was great mingling around the room. Met some great people I probably would have missed.

    As for 2012. The standard it’s in New Orleans applies, but really it’s more than that. AAD is not to be missed if you really want to meet and talk to the authors.

    It was nice meating Jean, hope to see you at AADNOLA!

  16. There were many things I liked about AAD in Philly number one getting my new owl tattoo done by Face! Other than that meeting new people and getting to see old friends.

    Now for why I’m looking forward to AAD in NOLA for one it’s in New Orleans so that’s a major draw, but just being able to go to my favorite romance con and have fun with people I only see about once a year is something I can’t turn down!

  17. My most memorable moment? Gotta give it to being on the Guess the Book by the Sex Scene panel when the documentary crew came in and started filming, lowering the big mic just over Nicole Peeler as she read an explicit scene. Nicole didn’t skip a beat, just kept on reading with fabulous personality and had us all laughing. I almost fell out of my chair.

    What I liked best: Meeting people! Readers were wonderful, authors approachable and friendly, bloggers fun and enthusiastic and super friendly industry people.

    Why I’d like to attend 2012 AAD: Because I’ve attended a lot of cons out there for anime/manga, sci fi and the day job. AAD will always be on my con list for the year for it’s great energy and incredible people.

  18. Shannon C

    I did indeed attend the 2011 and I absolutely loved it!

    Most memoriable moment? Hmmm there were so many it is hard to choose, LOL! I guess it would have to be when I was in the “Guess the Book from the Sex Scene” Game panel and PJ, Schneider, Nicole Peeler, and Dakota Cassidy read “scenes” from a few of the books. Truly fun and very entertaining!

    What I really liked about the AAD convention in Philly this year and last year for that matter had to be the people, attendees and staff alike. Everyone was just fantastic and I loved bonding over the common love of romance books we all shared together. I also loved meeting new friends at this AAD and catching up with the old friends I met at the 2010 AAD in Secaucus!

    I will DEFINITELY be attending the next AAD in New Orleans because I absolutely love this convention and the people who run it and attendees, and I have never been to New Orleans and I am dying to see the city and just enjoy the history and landscape. Plus an added bonus: Jeaniene Frost! She is an absolute favorite and I would love to meet her!

    I simply cannot wait for next year!

  19. My most memorable moment: The entire event was memorable for me. this was my very first time attending any kindof author con and it was absolutely awesome!!!!

    What I liked best: Meeting so many nice folks that were interested in what I do. Plus, I did my very first book signing! Making new friends and talking with so many authors was quite an experience. I’m DEFINITELY hooked. 🙂

    Why I’d like to attend 2012 AAD: It’s in NEW ORLEANS!!! I’ve always wanted to go there–with so much lore and ghostly stories surrounding that place, I’d be nuts NOT to go, lol! I hope to meet everyone again whom I saw in Philly, that would REALLY be cool. 🙂

  20. My most memorable moment: The entire event was memorable for me. this was my first time going to any type of author con, and the experience was awesome!

    What I liked best: making new friends and networking with so many nice people. And taking pictures, lol. And I did my very first booksigning!

    Why I’d like to attend 2012 AAD: It’s in NEW ORLEANS! I’ve always wanted to go there–with so much lore and ghostly stories surrounding the place, I’d be nuts not to go. I hope to meet everyone again, that’s be so cool 🙂

  21. My most memorable moment from AADPW is after the first day. I got the scheduale and sat down in my first panel to see whom I would stalk for the day. And then like a bright blinding light there was my first target, Dakota Cassidy. Hmm AWESOME!!! Next panel was the erotic reading, where we had to guess the sex scene. I have to admit that was rather hot and a little embarrasing but I got thru it. LOL It really weird hearing the scenes you love to read out loud.

    Why I want to go to AAD2012, because its A) in NOLA B) Stella is so great at getting this con together that I will support her in anything. C) my favorite authors will be there. D) its in NOLA the party city of the effin world. WOOHOOOO NOLA or BUST!!!!@@#$$$%$

  22. I have a few most memorable moments. One is meeting author JA Saare, who I’ve chatted with on twitter for a while now. She is the sweetest person in real life, and I’m beating myself up that I didn’t get a photo with her! I fangirled the hell out of Larissa Ione, Lara Adrian and Jess Haines. Also, the Choose The Author By The Sex Scene panel was EPIC! Dakota Cassidy’s voice is MADE for reading scenes like that, and Carolyn Crane was just hilarious as she read through a particularly spicy excerpt, with the television guys filming!

    What can I say about next year? I have the chance to visit NOLA for the very first time that I am old enough to remember, and maybe get a chance to stalk… er see some more of my favorite authors.

  23. I think my most memorable moment was during Karaoke, when an MBA student at another conference crashed our party and started, er, getting jiggy with us 🙂 I even took video:

    My favorite thing about the con was finally getting to meet in person all those wonderful people I’ve been chatting with online, and making so many new friends as well. And that’s pretty much the exact reason why I’m looking forward to going to AAD 2012, too.

  24. Samantha J.

    My most memorable moment was the Mythos Ball. I enjoyed laughing and dancing (especially to the oldies) with all of the readers, bloggers, authors, etc. It was just a fun night for all of us and we definitely let down our hair and got loose 🙂

    What I like the most was the opportunity to have real discussions with the authors and other readers,bloggers,etc. It was great to have real and honest conversations and get to know people. I also like meeting everyone that I have been talking to online face to face (especially my Ksmutters from the Kindle Smut group on goodreads). It was just an awesome time.

    Why I would like to attend AAD:New Orleans? B/c its New Orleans baby!!! I’m sure we will all have a great time 🙂

  25. Susan Romito

    I have so many memorable moment! I attended AAD this year, but just had a day pass for Friday, though I did stay for the bok singing on Saturday.

    The day pass was my way to check out this conference and see what I thought. Since I can only do 1 a year, I was thinking of switching to this one for next year. I have to say for the 48 hours I was in Philly, I had an awesome time! I came by myself, but met so many people and hung out with so many authors and really tried to put my shy self out there. IT WAS GREAT!!

    Some of my fav moments:
    Cheesesteaks with Bonnie, Sylvia Day and Karin Tabke
    Sitting at Breakfast with Cat Johnson and Bianca D’Arc
    Sitting at Dinner with Kris Cook (who is a doll!) and Melissa Schroeder, and chatting it up with the lovely Ali from Simply Ali and Joy with her bunny ears!
    Eating lunch with Larissa Ione, who is lovely!
    Party after the Mythos Ball in Kris Cook’s room

    There were so many authors who I met and were very friendly and welcoming. And I got to meet a lot of favorites that I chat with on=line all the time, including Lissa Matthews, Eliza Gayle and those mentioned above.

    And I also ogt to meet quite a few women I know from on-line groups who were awesome!

    Why would I like to attend in 2012? Besides it’s AAD and it’s New Orleans, who wouldn’t want to attend after an amazing weekend like that!! I can olny imagine how much better it will be with 4 days as opposed to 2! 🙂

  26. JoAnna B

    Pick just one memorable that is so tough. I had so many, but I think I would have to pick the drama that followed Dakota Cassidy. We laughed for days about the homeless guy who kept telling her she needed to tell the truth about what she knew. Meanwhile we were have a block away from the incident. And if she doesn’t give someone money it is because she works for her money not the color of her skin.
    That was just one of the many fun times, I had.
    I want to go to New Orleans but I have to talk the hubby into it. Any suggestions on getting him to either go with me or be ok with me going alone? Who knows what kind of trouble I will get into on my own.

  27. Penny aka Sweetiepiepen

    My fave moment was definitely the Guess the Author by the Sex Scene panel! It was complete hilarity and introduced me to several authors I had not read before. I’m so glad I attended! I don’t know if I will be able to attend NOLA 2012 but if I am able to, the main reason to go will be the people and the camaraderie. All of the attendees, readers, authors and industry folks alike, made the conference for me.

  28. Toni

    Hi, I’m Toni, KSmutter over @ goodreads. Sorry that your awesome giveaway was postponed :(. It was a pleasure to meet you and your sister and had a blast hanging out and talking with you at the Mythos Ball and after at the Steampunk Ball…even though that corset was a tad torturous, lol. Sure there were snafoos, but I was there to have a good time and determinedly that’s what I did! It’s so hard to pick one moment…meeting some of my fellow KSmutters, getting to dress up, meeting all of you smutastic authors and getting to talk to you. I think the panels where I got the opportunity to pick the authors’ brains with my millions of questions was my favorite part and I can’t wait to go to another one. Thanks for giving us a second chance of winning your treasure chest. :D.

  29. Okay, I’ll bite!

    I loved ALL of Authors After Dark. I got to see my mom, I got to hang out with my friends, I got to meet new ones, sit on panels, sign books, and dance like there was no tomorrow.

    Very much looking forward to NOLA–I’ve got some crazy party plans in mind already!


  30. Binah Mood @binahthebold

    My most memorable moment? Oh geez. I have to pick just one??

    Sorry, I can’t! I loved loved LOVED meeting all the people I tweet with, I was pleasantly surprised at how many people liked pin the penis on the founding father (I spent my plane ride over drawing dicks, ha ha you should have SEEN my poor seatmate), I got to be involved in Dakota Cassidy’s hobo drama XD… And it was my very first con!

    Thing/s I liked best: Definitely the people. Everyone was so sweet, willing to talk, willing to tolerate my fangirling and totally hilarious! Oh, and Face from Voodoo Monkey Tattoo did a spectacular job on my book tattoo. And the girls from Ties the Bynde were amazing.

    Why I’m going to AADNola: God, how could I NOT go?? I’ve been back less than a month and I miss everyone already!!

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