Authors After Dark ~ Author Appearance & Book Signing

Authors After Dark is fast approaching and I’m scrambling to finish up my “grand prize” for the Mythos Ball.  I’m one of the featured authors and will be giving away two author signed copies of Soul Reborn and plus a TREASURE CHEST of Egyptian goodies. And a KINDLE, plus $10 Amazon gift card.  Each participant will receive a key chain purse with a key inside. 

One lucky key will open the chest, but beware of curses. Lilly, my heroine, made that unfortunate mistake.

If you are attending AAD this year, please stop by and say hello.  I will be on the following Panels and events:

  • E-Book Authors
  • Light Paranormal
  • Blogger Sleep Over
  • Spontaneously Paranormal
  • Food and Clothing in Romance
  • Mythos Ball – ** featured author**
  • Book Signing – Crescent Moon Press / OPEN TO THE PUBLIC

Although the registration is closed for AAD, the BOOK SIGNING IS OPEN TO THE PUBLIC, so if you are in the Philly area stop by the Doubletree Hotel at Center City, August 13th from 2-4pm.  Look for me at the Crescent Moon Press Table.

Soul Reborn reviews:

RT Book Reviews: 4 stars/Scorcher, Murray’s debut effort is an ambitious undertaking …” review by Karen Sweeny-Justice.

Read more here:  RT Review of Soul Reborn

Bitten by Paranormal Romance: 5 alpha howls, “I was blown away by this book and I cannot wait to read the rest of the books in this series.”  Review by Ollie    

Read more here:  BPR Review of Soul Reborn  



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4 responses to “Authors After Dark ~ Author Appearance & Book Signing

  1. Awww, that sounds like so much fun! I wish I could go!

  2. wyndwhisper

    i wish i could go! any idea when we are going to get an excerpt from book 2?

    Pleeease! 🙂

  3. Suzanne Pierontoni

    Hello Jean,
    Yes, I attended AAD in Philly. Actually, I kept bumping into you! It’s me WOOWOO. My most memorable moment was when I got my picture taken with Lara Adrian and Larissa Ione! What a thrill to meet the authors! Plus I liked meeting a whole new bunch of authors, like Jean! What a sweetie! Why I want to attend AAD in 2012? To meet many more authors, plus meet a lot of great readers new and old, and to learn some NOLA culture. Plus the good food, too! Hope to see you in NOLA.
    Suzanne or

  4. Toni

    Hi, I’m Toni, KSmutter over @ goodreads. Sorry that your awesome giveaway was postponed :(. It was a pleasure to meet you and your sister and had a blast hanging out and talking with you at the Mythos Ball and after at the Steampunk Ball…even though that corset was a tad torturous, lol. Sure there were snafoos, but I was there to have a good time and determinedly that’s what I did! It’s so hard to pick one moment…meeting some of my fellow KSmutters, getting to dress up, meeting all of you smutastic authors and getting to talk to you. I think the panels where I got the opportunity to pick the authors’ brains with my millions of questions was my favorite part and I can’t wait to go to another one. Thanks for giving us a second chance of winning your treasure chest. :D.

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