Soul Reborn ~ 5/5 STAR review, “a fresh take on the paranormal…”

Bakin Goddess Blog Site

I woke up to a wonderful review today at the Reading with the Bakin Goddess Blog Site

5 out of 5 STAR rating.  I was ecstatic.  Yes, the 5 rating is fabulous, but I think what reviewers say is even more important. 

Excerpt from Ms. Flood’s review:  “If you haven’t read her book yet. Get in your car (don’t drive? Get on your bike, hail a taxi, walk, run but just get there) and drive to your nearest book store — I guess getting online and getting the e-book would be great too!!! HA! Anyway, I have reviewed the book and I cannot say enough positive things about this book! It completely blew me away! I LOVED it!…”   READ MORE HERE.  

Ms. Flood is the owner of the Reading with the Bakin Goddess Blog Site.  She has a beautiful site that is a nice mix of two pleasures: cooking/food and good books.  We crossed paths during one of my blog giveaways and won a copy of Soul Reborn.  And soon following, I was one of her first author interviews. Needless to say she is a fabulous person and made it quite clear to me that if she holds her STARS very tightly.  I feel very honored to have earned 5 of them.  Thanks, Kimberly.  Follow her HERE.  Let’s see if we can get her to 200 followers.


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One response to “Soul Reborn ~ 5/5 STAR review, “a fresh take on the paranormal…”

  1. Congrats Jean! Another great review!

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