Dead Man’s Party – Egyptian Afterlife MATCHMAKER

This is the 1st Afterlife Party Festivity- MATCHMAKER.  You got to meet the hunky hosts, Egyptian Gods of the Underworld.  Well, now you
get to meet their fated heroines.

Bomani, Commander Underworld LegionBakari, Protector of the GatesKamen, Soul Eater

Asar, God of the Underworld, Dead, & Afterlife

Your challenge?  To match the likely Hero to their Heroine.

To join the party visit these two posts:

Invitation: Egyptian Afterlife Party

Afterlife Matchmaker

Email your guesses to .  Make sure you leave a comment on the Match Maker post.
// Answers and winner of the Egyptian Tarot Cards will be posted HERE and on TRS.

Visit all three days and your name will be entered to win author signed copy of Soul Reborn.


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