Welcome Guest Author, Sapphire Phelan ~~~ It’s all About the Blood, Or Vamps, Shifters and Demons Make Great Lovers, Oh My!

Tired of the sex you’re getting now? Is the loving just too safe in bed, or elsewhere? Do you need a lover not of this world, someone beyond the norm? Look no further: try a vampire or a shapeshifter or a demon today. After all, it’s all about the blood, or should we say the flesh? Maybe even your very soul. . .  

With vampires, you get benefits. It’s all about eternal life; staying young forever. Like my hero from “His Girl” in the anthology, Just Another Paranormal Halloween, Evan McPhail, found out when his long lost love, Aimee, returned back into his life thirty years later, still eighteen years old. Oh, there are side effects! Like aversion to sunlight, wooden stakes can kill you easily when thrust into the heart, and blood is pretty much the food of choice. But the upside is there’s no threat of cancer from tanning, the vampire sex can last all night if need be, and eternity with the one you love is super.

Shifters can become the animal a lover always wanted in a relationship. Okay, literally they change into an animal. They’re just willing to claw their way into your heart. The sex is phenomenal. And they mate for life. Least they do in my world of beast magic. As wereleopards, Devon and Montsho in my erotic male/male interracial paranormal romance, Dark Leopard Magic, discovered, thanks to the Dreaming. Of course, there might be the usual angst and bad guys out to kill you, but still at the end, the HEA makes it all worth while in a shapeshifter romance.

Demons are the ultimate bad boys and gals. After all their souls are dammed and that’s why they’re in hell. Like the succubus, Elianta in Ain’t Nothin’ Like Succubus Lovin’ and the demon Familiar, Charun, in Being Familiar With a Witch. Except both proved that maybe they could be saved, all due to love.

 Sex is great without love, but with love, it is like heaven on earth, no pun intended to the demons or vampires or even shifters. And that’s why maybe people read paranormals these days, not for the ultimate bad boys and girls, but that love can tame the inner demon or beast.

And the sex is not bad, either!

(No demons were exorcised or vampires staked or shapeshifters shot with silver in this article.)

Leave a comment what you think, and you’ll be entered to win a download of Just Another Paranormal Halloween, the anthology that has my erotic paranormal vampire romance story, “His Girl,” included in.

 Sapphire Phelan   http://www.SapphirePhelan.com  


Go beyond the usual, instead take the unusual that stretches the boundaries and find romance with Sapphire Phelan’s aliens, werewolves, vampires, fairies, and other supernatural/otherworldly heroes and heroines.
“His Girl (Just Another Paranormal Halloween):

My Girl was more than just a song for Evan McPhail and Aimee Saunders; it was the music of their love and passion for each other. For nothing could tear them apart, not even death. Then Aimee vanished. She returns to Evan thirty years later, no longer human. To the tempo of their passion, they prove that doesn’t matter.

 BIO:  Sapphire Phelan has written and published erotic and sweet paranormal/fantasy/science fiction romance along with erotic horror stories and urban fantasy. Her erotic urban fantasy, Being Familiar With a Witch is a Prism 2010 Awards winner and an Epic Awards 2010 finalist.  She also has done acting on stage and in films. And is a Master Costumer, costuming since 1972.  For more on her, check out her website at http://www.SapphirePhelan.com .  She admits she can always be found at her desk and on her computer, writing. And yes, the house, husband, and even the cats sometimes suffer for it!

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8 responses to “Welcome Guest Author, Sapphire Phelan ~~~ It’s all About the Blood, Or Vamps, Shifters and Demons Make Great Lovers, Oh My!

  1. I think you’re correct in your assumptions in regards to paranormal romance lovers. It’s not only about the hot bodies or hotter sex, it’s about the love that exists beyond the normal. It’s about the love with the unknown or the forbidden. It’s about accepting the other than normal, and letting yourself go. I wish I could pick a favorite, but I love them all, demons, vampires, and shifters, all that there place in the paranormal community.

  2. Alina Chu

    Love all paranormals. Love that is everlasting is the dream of all isn’t it? It is so rare for love to last even for most of a human lifespan seemingly nowadays. To be committed to someone and make it work, keeping all the same excitement and love forever is something to give us hope that it might be attainable for us mere mortals.

  3. Do they make better lovers? Absolutely!

    • Congratulations Terry! Your name was selected from random.org to be the winner of Just Another Paranormal Halloween, the anthology “His Girl” from Sapphire Phelan.

  4. Dottie, I agree–go beyond the norm. 🙂
    Alina, whether for a short time in one’s,life or forever, is something all beings want with that special someone.
    Terry, LOL!

  5. Awesome post! Vamps will always be my favorite. I’ve always been nocturnal anyway.

  6. Sapphire, what a great discussion. Thank you for playing at Wicked Romance.
    For me….
    I love vampires. Shifters are okay. But Demons are hands down my favorite. Maybe its Ultimate bad boy routine or just the fact that these characters have to work so hard to capture love and keep it.
    Jean Murray

  7. Thanks for having me, Jean. It was great. 🙂

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