Second round edits ~ Soul Reborn

This has been the most time consuming part of editing, but also very rewarding.  You can really see the story’s pacing start to pick up, as most of the non-essential and passive content is removed.  And in my case, that was most of the work.  This is a very  fast paced book with lots of action which makes for a very exciting story.  Secondary character development also took place. Bomani, Kamen and the dark warriors have really taken shape and will lend well for the upcoming books in the series. 

This has been a learning process for me as a new writer.  I promise when the edits are finished to summarize lessons learned in the hopes that it will help you in your writing. 

If things progress along as plannedSoul Reborn  should be released March 2011.   Watch for cover ad in May issue of RT Magazine along with 14 other fabulous Crescent Moon Press authors.



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2 responses to “Second round edits ~ Soul Reborn

  1. Jean,

    Can’t wait to read Soul Reborn!


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